Soundcraft Si Performer 2 80-channel Digital Mixer with DMX Control 24 Mic/8 Line Input Digital Console with Configurable Bussing, Four Lexicon FX Processors, and Built-in DMX 512 Lighting Controller


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Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Digital Console with DMX Control Features:

- Digital audio mixing facilities married to a DMX 512 controller

- 24 recallable mic preamps; 24 motorized faders; 8 stereo returns

- Up to 80 inputs on mixdown

- Input channels include highpass filter, input delay, gate, compressor, and parametric EQ

- Eight VCAs, eight mute groups

- Two Option Card slots for ViSi Connect expansion cards

- FaderGlow and color backlit name displays keep you well informed, even in the dark

- 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes or 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes

- Matrix mixes can be mono or stereo, as needed

- Four internal Lexicon FX processors (based on the MX400) deliver hardware-level performance

- Four mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors (based on the MX400)

- 20 variable-send (aux) buses give you impressive routing flexibility

- L/C/R busses provide options for mixing left/right + mono/center or left/center/right (LCR)

- Each LCR bus feature always-available compression, 4-band parametric EQ, graphic EQ, and delay

- BSS GEQ on every bus ensures you'll never run out of processing power

- DMX 512 controller gives you flexible automated lighting control

- Perfect for schools, churches, touring theatre companies, and conference centers

Tech Specs :

Type:     Digital

Inputs - Mic Preamps:     24

Phantom Power:     24 x Channels

Inputs - Line:     8

Outputs - Main:     2 x XLR

Outputs - Other:     16 x XLR

Inputs - Digital:     1 x Stereo AES/EBU (XLR)

Outputs - Digital:     1 x stereo AES/EBU (XLR)

Aux Sends:     20 x Aux Sends

Busses/Groups:     8 x Matrix

Inserts:     Yes (Freely Assignable)

Data I/O:     Harman HiQnet, USB Slot, MIDI I/O

Computer Connectivity:     Via Optional Firewire/USB/ADAT Card

I/O Expansion Slots:     Yes

Faders:     24 (Motorized)

EQ Bands:     4

Effects:     Four Lexicon FX Engines

Height:     6.7"

Depth:     21.2"

Width:     28.75"