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Arca-Swiss F-Classic 8x10 View Camera

Key Features

  • Incredibly Precise View Camera
  • Fully Modular System
  • Great for Digital Backs & Lenses
  • Telescoping 50cm Bench
  • Conical 500mm Bellows
  • Ungeared Movements
  • ±40/60mm Front Rise/Fall
  • ±50mm F/R Shift
  • #1 Shutters in Recessed Boards Usable
  • Made in France

Arca-Swiss F-Classic Specs

TiltsFront Base: 30° forward and backward
SwingsFront and Rear: 45° left and right, calibrated
360° total swing capability
Rise & FallFront Only: 40mm rise, 60mm fall
ShiftsFront and Rear: 2" (50mm) left and right
Camera Back8x10" Vertical/Horizontal quick-change Standard Graflok
Groundglass with grid-lines and fresnel screen
Interchangeable BellowsYes
Minimum Extension2.2" (55mm) with wide-angle bellows and 13mm recessed lensboard
Maximum Extension500mm Bellows
50-75cm Telescopic monorail
Lensboard141mm x 141mm Arca-Swiss
Dimensions20 x 12.5 x 17.3" (50 x 32 x 44cm) L.W.H.
Weight10.1 lbs (4.6kg)