Music Hall analogue A3 Music Hall analogue A3 Phono Amplifier


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Music Hall analogue A3

Music Hall analogue A3 Phono Amplifier

Key Features:

- Ultra-Quiet MM/MC Phono Amp

- Dual 12AU7 Medium Gain Dual Triode Tubes

- Gold-Plated RCA Inputs and Outputs

- Alps "Blue Velvet" Volume Control

- Solid Alloy Construction

- Excellent RIAA Linearity

- Elegant Design

- Vibration Damping Feet

- Includes Sturdy Flight Case

Audiophiles and music enthusiasts in search of a high-quality phono preamplifier will be impressed with the Music Hall analog A3, a full-sized, desktop Hi-Fi phono preamp designed for MM and MC cartridges. The A3 features two 12AU7 medium-gain triode tubes, which are valued for their combination of warmth, speed, and detail.

The A3's elegant design was implemented in the service of sound with a substantial alloy chassis and carefully selected internal components. The rear panel features gold-plated RCA connectors. The front panel offers a silky-smooth high-grade Alps "Blue Velvet" volume control. The vibration dampening feet ensure smooth operation. The A3 ships in a sturdy flight case.

Ultraquiet MM/MC phono amp

Gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs

Silky smooth high-grade alps “Blue Velvet” volume control

Solid alloy construction

Excellent RIAA linearity

Elegant design

Vibration damping feet

Packed in a sturdy flight case